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Spring Rose Garden Tour!

I just love my roses. I take a tour each day to see what's blooming! But as I say in the video, the first bloom of the season is always the most extraordinary. And this year, my roses are really outdoing themselves. And yet for all the beauty, there is still more to come. I have several roses, that I want to show you that have yet to show their colors. Let me tell you their names so I can be sure to show them to you when they appear.

I will say that most of the time, I choose roses because of their names! Such a sophisticated approach. But I like things that have meaning to me, and sometime the names of roses are evocative of things that connect to my life. Like the Gemini rose, for example. I'm a Gemini! Some of the roses I ought during quarantine when gardening was a life line. So those roses are very important to me as well. And some I bought because they were too beautiful not to buy.

One rose which I do not have in my garden, and miss dearly because it was once in my garden -- is the Barbra Streisand rose. It was a beautiful lavender rose, with an extraordinary fragrance, almost more pungent than the Double Delight rose. And I love Barbra Streisand so... that's one that need to replace pronto.

Here's the roses I am waiting for:

St. Patrick's Rose -- A beautiful yellow rose with green tinged petals -- because Robert and I met each other in the first grade at St. Patrick's Grade School!

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose -- It's always a good thing to have Our Lady on your side...and in your garden!

Black Magic Rose -- I bought this not for the name but for the color -- deep, deep, red with black tinged petals.

Queen of Elegance -- This is a rose that I had delivered sight unseen the first weeks of quarantine. I'll always remember it for that reason.

Dick Clark Rose -- Because who doesn't love Dick Clark!

Disneyland Rose -- Because Disneyland is one of my favorite places!

Sol Desire - A CostCo Floribunda Rose bought by my daughter during one of her early quarantine visits. Also, a rose that will have special meaning.

So much to look forward to in the garden!


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