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Sparkling Non Alcoholic Rose´ for the Holiday!

Ready to Party!

Today I shopped for the three Christmas meals at our house -- Christmas Eve, Christmas morn, and Christmas Day dinner . Two things about that:

1) We're only having a very small gathering this year for Christmas Eve. Just my oldest and youngest daughter, and their partners and our granddaughter, Cora. We used to have 60 people Christmas Eve Parties -- with plays, and activities, carols, and the best pot luck you can imagine. It's hard to let go of that tradition - but I am hopeful that we will one day be able to do that again. In place of that this year, we will spend time with our family and our little miracle, Cora. I can't be disappointed when we have such joy to celebrate!

2) When I shopped today for our Christmas party meals today -- I used Instacart. I had been shopping in person for quite a while, and enjoying every minute. But, Robert and I have decided to cut way back on our activity outside of the home. No shopping, no indoor restaurant dining, and N95 masks when we do go out. Ugh. It's the right thing to do. The Omicron surge is scary. But honestly, I dislike Instacart. Since I am a person that cooks mostly without recipes, I just wander the grocery aisles and get ideas about weekly meal ingredients. That's not really possible with Instacart. So I really miss my in person grocery shopping. However, I guess it's a small price to pay if we can avoid the Covid virus.

I've finished most of my Christmas wrapping, and we're all decked out -- so we're ready for Christmas, and anxious to celebrate our blessings.

Tomorrow a Christmas message from Robert and me!

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