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Sorrel Soup from the Garden!

I've been meaning to make soup from my sorrel for the longest time. And today was the day!

I'm not exactly sure why today was the day because honestly, things are pretty hectic around here. You can probably hear my granddaughter, Abby, in the background of this video. I love her sweet little voice.

As I mentioned before Jackie, my second daughter, and her husband Matt, with little Abby are living with us for a little bit until they can move into their new home. So our house is full!

But that's not the half of it. Jackie is going to law school full time, and Matt has a full time job with the government -- so they are not available during the day to tend to Abby. We knew this would be the case, so we hired a nanny for little Abby who started with us a week before they began their full time work.

However -- as they say, the best laid plans! Last week, in the middle of the week, the nanny quit. Ooof. It's too complicated to explain. Suffice to say that we both agreed it was not a good fit.

So, until our new nanny starts in a couple weeks, Robert and I are the nannies in charge, with an assist from Matt who works at home, and from Jackie when she's not at school or on Zoom! But it's a lot of work!! I hardly have time to do a daily video, because when Abby is napping, I drive over to Cora's house, my daughter Jenny's 4 month old, to make sure that she also gets some grandma loving.

Nonetheless today I used my super hero powers and loved up babies, made sorrel soup, AND did a video! Whew!

But I wouldn't have it any other way. And the time that we get to spend with Abby and Cora is a blessing. So I think it all worked out just fine. Even better than fine. We're grandparents who get to be with our grandchildren. What could be better than that?


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