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Shopping for Garden Goodies!

Last night I had a hard time going to sleep. Probably because my gardening adventure yesterday was a little too rigorous for my delicate constitution. So, when I have a hard time sleeping, I try to think of something pleasant to help me drift off to slumberland. This is always a conscious choice. I don't let any 'ole thing pop into my consciousness and follow that thread. I deliberately choose what I want to think about so that I can plant the happy thought before I sleep.

There have been many things that I have chosen to "think about" before I sleep over the course of my 65 years. Our first 12 foot Christmas tree, an trip to Disneyland with the girls, a beach jaunt, a vacation with Robert, Easter egg get the idea.

Last night, I was so excited about my work in the garden, that I decided I would drift off to sleep thinking about my little garden and all its possibilities. That's what spring fever will do to you!

I am happy to report that I fell asleep, slept soundly, and woke only to rush to the window to see if my dreams really did come true! And...guess what? They did! My garden looked just as lovely as when I left the evening before.

There's just nothing like gardening for the body and soul!


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