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Renwick Gallery, Washington, D.C.

What a lovely surprise! The Renwick Gallery! The Renwick is part of the Smithsonian Museums, so it is free, and that makes it an even better reason for a visit.

The Renwick 1.8 installation that I show in the thumbnail above, is an extraordinary piece that spans the entirety of the ceiling of the large ball room on the second floor. There are also changing light patterns that enhance the look of the draped fabric. And underneath there is a custom made carpet that has patterns of spirals and swirls that complement the installation above. Museum goers lounge on the floor in the cool of the gallery; it's such a lovely sight to see art be both functional and beautiful. That's exactly what craft arts are, and that's why this installation is a perfect introduction to the Renwick Gallery.

Enjoy the art, the beauty...and the weekend!


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