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Pumpkin Patch with the Grands!

We had such fun time. The sun was shining, it was cool in the shade, and the grands were in a joyous mood. As you can tell if you listen closely, I was also in a joyous can hear me humming in the background!

And as for the Corn Maze. It was the highlight of the day for the son-in-laws! We thought it was too arduous for the grands, so instead we went on the hay ride, but the boys felt up to the corn maze challenge. And boy was it a challenge!

We waited and waited for them after the hay ride, and were worried that they got lost! But, they came, dusty but happy -- having conquered the maze!

There was something for everyone at the Pumpkin Patch -- AND we bought at least a dozen pumpkins! But the best part was just being together.

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Mary Sherhart
Mary Sherhart
11 oct. 2021

You have a beautiful family, Jill. Blessings!

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