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Preparing the Garden for Winter!

Well... the video tonight was a struggle! I had planned on a brief segment from the front yard and backyard, showing my winter preparations in the garden. However, as I was working in the front yard, a stranger passed by the in the street, and began shouting at me. Now, he was shouting friendly things, but it seemed odd, and I became a little alarmed. So I quickly, put the iPhone in my pocket, and went inside to find Robert, AND I LEFT THE VIDEO RUNNING!

Robert then came outside, and it turned out the gentleman was harmless, and had already passed. However, I was unaware that I had left the video running -- INSIDE MY POCKET! So I have two video minutes of my front yard winter garden, and 38 minutes of video inside my jean pocket! I'm laughing as I write this. Honestly.

However, what that meant was that I was unable to use the material that I had previously recorded on the iPhone because (this may be TMI) Amazon Photos, where I store my videos, will only playback 20 minutes of recording -- and I had 40 minutes of iPocket Movie! That's why the front yard video is so short. It's because my videographer skills, and my memory are problematic!!!

Ah well. I enjoyed doing the backyard tour. The garden is not quite winterized because I do want to put some mulch or bark over the ground after I have finished all the planting. And I am also thinking about throwing some seeds over the bare spots where the bulbs have been planted. That would be a two for one bonus. If you have ideas for that - let me know!

Fingers crossed that some (all?) of my bulbs come up. I've never planted so many, and I'm not sure I will again. That was really so much work. But I came to realize that part of the reason that it was so much work is that the soil in my backyard is particularly hard and difficult to penetrate. When I planted the bulbs in the front yard it was ten times easier because that soil had not been previously treated for artificial turf the way the back yard had.

At any rate. Enough whining. I'm happy about the way the winter garden is shaping up - even though it is very different from the spring. Knowing what will come makes one appreciate all the more what it took to get there.


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