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Potatoes, & Carrots, & Spring! Oh My!

Being in the garden was just what the doctor ordered today. I felt so much better, so much more hopeful, and lighter once I spent a little time outside. I think that just being outside felt good, the weather is quite lovely here in SoCal - even though we wear masks to walk around the block.

I feel really accomplished about my winter garden, I never expected such results. In fact, I've never been able to grow successful carrots before! So this is a banner season! I'm going to start thinking about spring right now. Tomorrow I'm going to drive to Armstrong's and just park outside the nursery and peek in from the car. My pansies and petunias out front have been valiant through the holidays, but it's almost time for them to be replaced.

And I think I am going to plan a winter sowing project, growing seedlings in plastic containers outside. And I'm going to transplant my lime tree. And I'm going to use the jackhammer to dig out the tree stumps in the side yard. And, and, and...!

Lots to do in the garden -- plus I'm going to alphabetize my spices!

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Laura Driscoll
13 de jan. de 2021

Second winter harvest! Bravo!

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