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Planting Potatoes (for the 3rd time!)

Learn from me! I planted potatoes today using the information gained from my previous failed attempts! Though I still think it's an iffy proposition because I start with a few challenges:

1) Wrinkly and sorta old-ish potato seeds (internet says it's ok!)

2) Kinda hot, late in the season to plant

3) Lack of confidence

However, I think my perseverance will out strip my lack of confidence, and I'm counting on a a roaring success!

Two other things:

I had to fast forward through the actual planting because

a) I look like a cockatoo with my hair sticking up like crazy bird

b) My bottom features prominently when I'm bending over and filling the grow bags with soil. Such excellent camera work!

That's how you can tell it's really real. Just me...doing my everyday thing!


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