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Planting My Fall Veg Garden!

It’s the first day of fall…and I got a metaphorical bee in my bonnet today! After returning home from Berkeley, and surveying my kingdom, I decided that it was time to get down to business. I intend to have a fall vegetable garden this year, and nothing is going to stop me. Not exhaustion. Not a migraine. Not 100 degree heat. And not my inexperience. I’m going to persist.

So, I headed out to the nursery, bought the proper soil amendments, decided on buying some veggie plants, and came home to start the job.

Now, let me say, that I feel a little like I’m cheating. I had intended to start my fall garden exclusively by seed. But because Baby Abby was born a little late, and we stayed in Berkeley a little longer than we had anticipated, I worried that I missed the window to get the seeds in the ground in time for them to germinate and meet the timeframe for maturation before “frost” (even though we don’t really have frost here).

So I bought the veg already germinated and started in the ground in the hopes that I might get some veg before true winter (even though we don’t really have winter here). I’ll keep you updated on the planting progress! I hope to have them in the ground this week.

It was a hard job getting the ground prepared for the veg garden. The video will show you exactly what I did. But it took a lot of elbow grease, and yet, I felt good at the end of the project, and I was happy with the result.

However, my hypochondria raised its head again when I was in the garden. Suffice to say that despite my many maladies, I was able to get the job done. And I attribute my success to the serenity that the garden brings. Honestly, today I really WAS digging in the earth. And there’s something very healing about that.

All of the chaos melts away, when all you are thinking about is how to plan the garden grid, where to plant the cauliflower, how much soil amendment to include, what color the carrots will be, and whether or not to add worm casings! All matters of no import, really. But to be able to focus on these things feeds the body and the soul, and provides a respite from the madness.

I learned again today how important the garden is to me for both my body and my mind. As we get nearer to the election, I am grateful for the time I can spend there. And as for the rest, along with my beautiful husband, we will persist.


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