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Plant Supports and Other Garden Beauties

I'm hoping that my plant supports will are as functional as they are beautiful. I love the trellised obelisks in the garden, they show off the plants well, but are lovely in their own right. And the yellow tomato supports in the front yard (especially in the Talavera pots) are an eye catching pop of color in the garden and will hopefully do a good job of tending to the tomatoes.

I've never planted an entire spring veg garden by seed. But I did this year! And it's even a little late. So, I'm really rolling the dice! I go out every morning and peer at the ground to see if there's any progress - but it's only been a couple days so I can't start worrying yet. I think I planted golden beets, carrots, onions, cucumbers, and knotty squash. I have a little more room, so if these seeds come up, maybe I'll be bold and plant some more!

I also planted calendula, coneflower, bachelor buttons, zinnia and marigold from seed as well. If I had a greenhouse, I might have started the seeds indoors. But, oh well. Let's see how they do, just straight into the soil. It's certainly warm enough here!

But I still haven't gotten those potatoes in the ground! Tomorrow!

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