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Petunia Parade!

I'm a recent convert to petunias. Prior to this last year, I was not a fan. I thought they were too undependable, too flimsy, and prone to poor performance. But once I found out about Proven Winners Supertunias, I was sold.

I actually bought some Supertunias in the fall from the Proven Winners online store. They arrived in the mail, a little worse for the wear, but I planted them immediately, and they did fine. Not exactly as brilliantly as the color pot from October, but well enough considering they were a fall/winter planting.

The ones that I have currently planted feel like they are thriving -- and I love the profuse color that they provide. You might wonder why I planted so many of the yellowish autumn color petunias, instead of something brighter for summer. It's because they were the only Supertunias at the nursery!!! There were lots of other bright colored Petunias, but not Supertunias! So I bought whatever color Sueprtunia that they had in stock -- it is was the fall color combo.

They will be lovely in any long as I can keep the bugs off of them! I will keep you posted about their progress!


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