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Pepperonata...Fresh from the Garden!

There is nothing better than eating straight from the garden. And this is such a quick and easy dish. I used it as a condiment for hamburgers in a backyard bbq this weekend. It was a hit! But I think you could use it as a snack, or side dish as well. It's very tasty, feels good for you, and made me want to speak in an Italian accent!

When I was growing up, all of the neighbors (except us!) were Italian...and so I enjoyed many meals of Italian delicacies. The absolute best spaghetti and meat balls from the Germanos, the tastiest sausage from the DeMayos, and of course, all the scrumptious desserts. Pizelles were one of my favorites. (And Ann Germano's banana bars!)

If not for them, I would never have tasted any other cuisine besides steak and potatoes and fried chicken. That was the fare at our house. So I am ever grateful to my Italian neighbors for all their kindnesses, and delicious cooking over the years! Grazie!

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