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Pansy Planting!

Lots of kneeling in the garden and schooching along the border on my derriere, but worth it! And thanks to hubs for helping out! We had a limited amount of time before we had to dash off to San Diego for family business, so it was super fast pansy planting yesterday morning.

I pulled out most of the alyssum - it will reseed itself soon, and it was looking rather mangy, but I left in the dahlias, and will cut them back further to help them grow strong for the spring. Right now they look a little brown and crumbly, but some are still producing flowers.

But the star of the show, despite the pansy invasion is the ornamental cabbage. I planted them before Christmas to compliment the poinsettias, and they have hung in and are showing off now!

Last night as I was falling off to sleep, I thought of my pansy border, and it made me so happy. A good day indeed!

Happy weekend!


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