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No Yeast Focaccia Bread & Dining at Jenny and Biff's

Everything still feels wrong. And when that happens, its best to just hunker down and focus on family. Because that's what matters most.

So that's what I did. By Saturday the news was still awful. I was feeling really, really, claustrophobic from the quarantine, and we had a dinner invitation from my oldest daughter. So, I spent the weekend preparing for our soiree, stayed away from the news (hard to do in my household), watched videos of Baby Abby on repeat, and called my youngest Julia, newly moved back to DC after her long visit with us over the holidays.

The dinner was lovely, Julia is ok in DC and far from the Capitol, and Baby Abby has started babbling! So, I have nothing to complain about. And everything to be grateful for. And I still feel lousy. So plan B is to binge Julia Roberts movies tonight. And start again tomorrow!

Here's the recipe for the Focaccia Bread.

It was super easy and fast to make. And it tasted good, not 100% fabulous, but good enough. We enjoyed it with the olive oil and vinegar. I think I will definitely make it again. I just pulled up the first no-yeast recipe that I found, though. I did notice that there are lots of others on the internet, so I'm sure there's one for every taste!

Starting again tomorrow! Garden time!

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Carol Cohen
Carol Cohen
Jan 12, 2021

Jill, while this looks nice, the easiest and absolutely BEST focaccia bread I’ve ever eaten or made is It’s quick and incredibly delicious. While it doesn’t call for adding the fresh herbs, you can certainly do so. I love your videos and blog. Keep ‘Em coming.

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