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Good Bye to Boehm Bird Plates!

You've got to watch until the end. I make myself laugh.

But honestly, it's very difficult to find new homes for china that you love but don't need anymore.

For example, all of the china that I just "purged" from my closets I dropped off al Good Will. I'm not interested in going through the hassle of selling on ebay. And the amount of money that I would have realized for the pieces that I gave away would not be worth it to even put it on Facebook Marketplace.

However, with these Boehm plates, which might fetch a bit of money ( maybe $200 +) I just couldn't drop them off at Good Will. So I tried to find a daughter that might want them. That was a dead end.

Next, I did put them on Facebook Marketplace. This is a good option for re-homing china because you do not have to ship. You can arrange to drop off or meet up with interested parties at neutral spots to exchange goods and payment.

BUT there were lots of other sets of these plates on Marketplace, and so I was not optimistic that anyone would purchase them. And I was right.

Yet, I still could not just put them in the bin at Good Will.

So, I'm going to give them to Barbara. Maybe she will find someone who will want them. And she is able to ship so that increases the market for who might be interested in them. I'm gifting them to her. If she can find a good home for them, that will be better than any payment that I might have received!


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