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New Fall Growth 2020!

There's lots of fun things happening in my fall garden, which makes me a lucky girl. I'm lucky that I live in a zone where plants thrive most of the year. I'm lucky that I now have the time to spend doing my favorite thing: gardening. And I'm lucky because my husband so generously supports my garden endeavors, and on some days even agrees to be my assistant gardener!

But...there's always a but. Here it is. Despite my best efforts, because this is an amateur operation, and my videos are really just me unvarnished, the quality of my videography continues to be problematic. (Read: Bad.) Usually, I can edit out the most egregious spots, so what you see is fairly clean, even if it's not perfectly focused or timed. But today, the video is all kinds of wiggy. REALLY wiggy. I began to edit it, and then I thought better of it.

It has to stop somewhere. Today I resolve to work hard to improve my skillset -- be more careful about the angles, zoom in appropriately, not wave the camera around wildly, and maybe even practice before I actually shoot the video. I figure if I TELL YOU that I am going to do this - I really will do this. So I'm using you as my readers, and viewers, as accountability partners.

It could hardly be worse. So, I'll start again on Monday with a fresh slate -- and a new commitment to helping you to see more clearly exactly what I am talking about -- instead of pointing the camera in all the wrong directions! It's a steep learning curve - but I know I can do it!

This weekend Robert and I are going to visit the new additions to the Liu Fang Yuan Chinese Garden (opens October 9th!) at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena (my favorite place!) I'll try out my new resolve there and show you the results next week!

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Elaine Diamond
Oct 10, 2020

I love watching your new plantings and growth as we transition to fall here in LA...but not surprisingly, it's turning very hot again next week. I'm also replenishing some of my summer flowers - mostly growing in large pots on our backyard deck - but will have to water carefully. As for Halloween, we always get tons of kids in our neighborhood so not sure what will happen this year, but like you, people are going all out decorating their homes and lawns. I've seen some clever devices to get the candy to the kids, i.e. large chutes or tubes, buckets attached to a pulley, slides, etc. etc. So we'll figure out something!

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