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Mother's Day Present!

We didn't know what to expect when we set off for the auction house. I browse on line auctions quite frequently. I rarely buy things - but it's just fun to look. I use the auction site to browse, because it's a site that aggregates a multitude of online auctions, and is very searchable. So I can always search for my favorite china!

A any rate, last week, as I was watching an online auction I saw these plates, and bid...and won! I told Robert that I might be buying them - and he said it could be my Mother's Day present. So, here we are!

The auction house was in the process of selling the estate of Christian Audigier. He was a famous fashion designer, and was the founder of the Ed Hardy, and the Von Dutch clothing lines. Most of the things I showed you were from his estate - lots of Ralph Lauren items. Many of the large art pieces on the wall were portraits of Audigier, and of famous people he knew. Letters from Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, just lots of star power. He died very young from blood cancer in 2015, and I guess his children have just decided to sell the effects from his estate. It was almost like being a voyeur, peeking inside his home.

At any rate, my plates were there, and now they are here...and I am one happy girl. Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari for the win!


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