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Mitzvahs in the Garden

It’s been a busy day. Baby Abby has been a little bit of a fussy eater, and it has taken time for her to get her rhythm. This, of course, has completely set her parents and grandparents out of rhythm! But today it’s possible that she may have turned the corner. She had two good meals, and her grandparents were able to visit and baby sit a little bit.

Babysitting consists of us sitting on the couch and looking at her, while her parents are approximately 10 feet away. We could do it all day! After she eats, she just lies on her back, and closes her angel eyes and naps. And that’s where we come in! Not napping (as we might normally do!), but ever vigilant, we (and her parents) monitor her every movement. And of course, take photos. She will have a very well documented life. I can guarantee that.

On days like today, when we are busy looking at Abby, it feels right to stay close, and so, no big garden tour today. But the garden tour that I did take today was actually more impactful than many of the estate gardens that I so love to visit. So I wanted to share it with you.

In the Airbnb residence where we are staying, the owners have a lovely small vegetable garden, a raised bed about 4’ x 8’. It’s well packed with lovely veggies, and you will see in the video how healthy they are.

When we arrived here, and I saw the little garden, I immediately wanted to explore, and water! So, Robert texted the owner and asked if he would like me to do that for them. He said that his wife would be so grateful if I would water her little garden patch.

Sometimes, doing for someone else, feels like a blessing. And that was certainly true in this case. While we are delirious with joy about our Abigail, honestly, there’s a little bit of stress that goes along with all of this. Is Abby ok? Is my daughter ok? Am I doing what they need? Is there something else we should be doing? Argh! I know my daughter and son-in-law feel the same way. We all want to do what is best for Abby and for each other, but this is all new, and we’re not really sure what that is.

At any rate, coming home to this little garden, watering, gazing at the new growth, and feeling glad that I was able to help a fellow gardener, was calming, and provided the perfect balm after the joy and busyness of the day. While our host believed that I was doing a mitzvah for him, I know that really it was a blessing for me. Being in the garden is always a blessing.

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Dana Moody
Dana Moody
16 sept. 2020

Hearty congratulations on the newest addition to your family! You constantly bring a calming peace with your garden videos and now news of your granddaughter. Mazel Tov - just in time for the new year! Enjoy this special time.


Cricket Halsey
15 sept. 2020

What a beauty she is! You've honored her birth with a lovely, heartening post. May she see a better world and make good use of that strong voice. She has admirable grandparents to help guide her, and it's clear she's beloved and deeply welcome. Congratulations, Mazel Tov, the works!


Elaine Diamond
15 sept. 2020

Congratulations and Mazel Tov to the new parents and new grandparents! And welcome to sweet Abigail...

Thank you, Jill, for sharing this special time with all of us. I love your "mitzvahs in the garden" video.

For the Jewish community, this is the season of the New Year, the "Days of Awe," celebrating the creation of the world. It is a time of renewal, return, and reflection. May the birth of baby Abigail help renew our sense of joy and wonder and amazement. Abundant blessings to her and all of her loving family!

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