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Memorial Day at our Silver City Cabin

It's a long drive up to our cabin - it takes us 6 hours door to door (we have to stop for dinner and gas!) so when we get to the cabin we're a bit tired. But that didn't deter Julia and Robert from doing their cabin jobs.

Maintaining a cabin at 7,000 feet in a remote part of the Sequoia National Park is no small feat. This weekend we focused on making sure the city water system worked (more on that tomorrow), burned all the slash that had built up in the yard over the winter, spread some of the pea gravel that was delivered for our driveway, and restocked the wood that was disturbed by the fire fighters during last season's large forest fire.

We found out that the fire fighters used our front yard as a sort of base camp when they were in Silver City protecting the perimeters, and the structures within. We were happy to be part of their good work, and were glad that they took refuge on our property. I think they picked our lot because we are very accessible to the Main Road, we have a large flat front yard for sleeping or camping, and we have a terrific fire ring so that they could burn a large contained fire all night long to keep warm.

Robert cleaned up the slash, and recovered the front yard with pea gravel for a clean, easy campfire space and Julia stacked the wood and burned the slash.

I weeded the front yard, tidied my little garden, and made my special fruit surprise casserole for the campfire. It was a big hit but...those marshmallows really puff up in the oven! It made me laugh to see it as it just came out from baking!

I call it a successful weekend all around. Our Julia is now back in Washington D.C., and we miss her already.


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