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Making Lemonade out of Lemons! (Or how to deal with an errant rose tree!)

Before I talk about my roses today (which I could talk about every day!) a few readers have asked for an update about my eye situation. Ergh. Here it is.

Not last Thursday but the Thursday before I began having significant floaters in my eyes that I hadn't had before, and sort of grey spots in my field of vision in my right eye. I got nervous, so I went to the opthamologist. I was grateful that he squeezed me in at the very end of the day. They dilated my eyes, and gave me a thorough exam. This is the doctor's diagnosis.

PVD. Posterior Vitreous Detachment. This is when the vitreous gel that fills the eye separates from the retina, the light-sensing nerve layer at the back of the eye. According to the doctor, it's a natural part of aging, is very common, requires no treatment and will go away. He told me to come in if it worsened, if I felt a curtain come down on my vision, or if I saw light streaks in my field of vision.

Ok. So initially I was relieved. It's normal. It's common. It's going to go away. I told my husband, it's always something. As you get older, every day something else in your body breaks down, and it's maddening. He said it's better than the alternative. True enough. But not so very uplifting.

Today, I decided that it wasn't any better.The eye dilation drops had made my eyes extremely dry, and so things just seemed less comfortable overall. I was worried that it was worse, and so I called to see if I could get an appointment to have the doctor check me out. Well. I couldn't get past the appointment desk. They told me unless my symptoms had changed, or if I was seeing lighting streaks, the diagnosis would be the same, and I should return at my prescribed time ( 3 weeks hence).

So I didn't see the doctor, and I am in full hypochondria mode tonight. If I feel it's worse in the morning, I will call again tomorrow and they will see me. So I'm not worried about that. It's just making me crazy.

Much better for me to focus on my roses. But now I exhausted myself worrying about my eyes, and don't have the energy to wax poetic about my gorgeous roses. I promise -- more this week!


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