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Kid's Pop Up LA Consignment Store!

It's actually a brilliant idea. We ( by we I mean you and me as parents AND grandparents) spend thousands of dollars on "stuff" for the kidlets - but how long do they use that "stuff"?

Not very long - they grow so fast! And some of the things were very expensive, or barely used -- so what to do with them?

This service allows you to consign your kid's "stuff", & set the price. The consigner has to create the tags, bundle the toys, or clean the stroller, etc. Then the consigning service does the selling!

You can indicate whether if, at the end of the pop up (it lasts from Tuesday through Saturday), you want to donate your items OR if you want to come pick them up. You can also indicate whether you are willing to discount your items on the last day -- because on the last day EVERYTHING with a discount tag (most of the "stuff") will go for 50 % of the original price.

Now when I say original price -- I mean a really low price to being with. I think that most of the things that Jennifer and I bought were $5 - $10 dollars. If something was priced over $20 dollars we thought that was a lot of money - and we put that toy back!

So Cora (and Abby too!) will be well outfitted to begin the new year -- from the Kid's Consignment store! I hope that Jennifer invites grandma along the next time too! So fun to be with my baby when she shops for her baby!


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