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Jill's Birthday Parties!

66 Years today! June 9th! I'm a birthday kind of girl. I love my birthday. I love celebrating my birthday. I'm not one of those "it's just another day to me" kind of girl. My birthday is a big day...and I wait all year for it roll around. I am always willing to wear birthday buttons, birthday sashes, and even birthday crowns. I'm never embarrassed by it all. It's never too much for the birthday!

Truly, I've had some spectacular birthdays in my time.

  • My daughters gave me a surprise high tea with my favorite lady friends at a fancy Beverly Hills Hotel for my 60th.

  • Robert gave me a huge 40th birthday surprise party with just loads of people... And I was truly surprised!

  • He also planned a surprise Sweet Sixteen birthday party in my parent's backyard, with a live band!!! ( I wore satin hot pants - remember those?? )

  • And when I turned 7, my dad surprised me with a playhouse in the backyard. It magically appeared when we returned from my birthday luncheon!

  • I had an Angels Baseball party ( the Angels are currently a sore subject ) where good friends bought me an Angels regulation baseball jersey with my name BICKETT on the back!

  • I had a Covid "Murder She Wrote" zoom birthday with the family. The culprit was a beagle!

  • One year pre-Covid, Robert and I went to Disneyland for my birthday and we closed down the park! Of course I wore a button that said I was the birthday girl. There were lots of June 9th birthdays there that day!

  • And this year I had a "Flowby" birthday party with my new granddaughters. ( If you want to know about this video!)

Honestly, there are too many fabulous birthdays to recount. And they're all thanks to my family and friends who indulge me!

So thank you dear ones, for 66 years of wonderful memories. Here's to many more!


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