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First Lady of the Water Board, otherwise known as "Flowby"

There are several completely hilarious things about this video:

1) Even though I complain a lot, and act like I'm really working hard...I did absolutely nothing except video my husband and daughter working. Maybe that counts as work?

2) It's clear in almost every video that both Julia and Robert, but especially Julia, are barely putting up with me, and don't think that I'm funny at all, and really don't appreciate being filmed while hard at work on the Water System.

3) In retrospect, I think that Robert gave me the job of writing down the cabins and their water status just to give me something to do so I wouldn't bother them so much. I don't really think that data is going to be used for anything, and it was dated the very next day as people came up to inhabit their cabins. You can't pull anything over on me. However, at the time, it did its job of keeping me occupied and out of their hair.

4) My hair is hilarious, sticking out of my cap, making me look like quite clown-ish!

5) I monogrammed Robert's little tool bag that I got him for Christmas. Who does that? It's really embarrassing for him, but he likes the size, so is forced to use it.

6) And of course, it's hilarious that I have dubbed myself the" Flowby." Well. At least I think it's funny!


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