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Irrigation System by Joshua!

It's so great having a smart gardener! Joshua really knows irrigation...and he can name all the plants in my garden without prompting! I love that!

Joshua's new to us as a gardener, but I can already see that my back is going to thank me. He really takes care to get the details right, and that matters to me, because I like things just so in my garden.

I know that this irrigation system is going to make a huge difference this summer too ... so I really feel like I won the lottery! Great gardener, less work, and an even more beautiful garden! Woo hoo!

Here's his contact info ... just in case! He does weekly service, irrigation installation, garden landscaping, and masonry as well.

Joshua's Gardens

Phone: 310-345-8318

Instagram: Joshua P Rivas (@joshuasgardens)


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