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Iris in Bloom!

In honor of our new little granddaughter...Coraline Iris, I decided to take a deeper look at the Iris, and there's so much to see!

Coraline was a dear this weekend. She ate and slept like a champ, and she met her cousin Abby! Abby is 7 months old...but she looks like a giant next to little newborn Coraline.(On Zoom at least!) It's so amazing how humans grow!

We feel so lucky to have 2 beautiful new granddaughters. And we are looking forward to many happy visits and playtimes to come. BUT, I will still have to have time for my babies in the garden! So it will be a real balancing act, to make sure that all of my babies get the attention they deserve!

PLUS I'm in the middle of a memorabilia and photo organization. 1st grade class photo with me and Robert as 6 year olds...our wedding cake topper (spun glass), Robert's Law School Award for being first in his class, and my 6th grade General Excellence Award from Sr. Joan Marie!!! And many more fun and crazy things...maybe I'll give you tour of that too!

Life is full -- in and out of the garden!!!


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