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Instant Pot Update and Air Fryer Hilarity!

Lots of good news! Great morning oatmeal -- AND no mess! Couldn't be better! I might soon be an oatmeal convert! And Robert is a happy camper.

Plus I heard from so many of you about improvements, recipes, and tips for Instant Pot use. I forwarded them all to Robert and he was immediately on Amazon buying all the accessories that he thinks he needs for his new toy.

My OTHER new kitchen appliance is the Air Fryer -- also something that Robert has wanted me to have for a very long time. My daughter Jennifer says that it changed her life - so I finally relented.

It hasn't changed my life yet - but I'm still open.

The cauliflower was's the recipe.

I'll end by telling you why I have been resistant to all these new kitchen appliances!

I don't like my counter space completely filled up by gadgets. I like a clean, spare look, with just my favorite tchotchkes strategically placed. As it is, I have computers, a DVD player (for Jessica Fletcher), Alexa, coffee maker, tea kettle, instant pot, toaster, and a fruit bowl. I put my Kitchen Aid under the sink because I used it infrequently, and something had to go when the Air Fryer came on the scene.

All to say, I will be open minded about new technology, but not about how I want my kitchen to function. Also, did I tell you I hate pot roast?


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