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In the Pink!

It's ok to have a lazy day. Today was that day for me. I just couldn't get up much energy to do anything except take down the St. Patrick's Day decorations, and wander around my garden. I do need to plant my tomatoes -- that will be for tomorrow. Last night I thought a lot about where I will plant all of them!

I'm thinking about Easter, and I've already bought presents for the grand babies and my daughters...I guess that was something else I did today but it almost doesn't count because I shopped online!

Also -- just as a side note...My daughter Jackie just returned from a bachelorette party in Nashville -- and she reported that NO ONE except her was wearing a mask in Nashville or in any of the airports she visited (except LAX). So, apparently, mask wearing has become obsolete in many parts of the country. I don't know how I feel about that -- but I do know that we will keep wearing masks for the time being.

Never hurts to be extra careful.

Tomorrow I will carry on!


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