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Huntington Beach Pacific Air Show 2023!

Robert and his good friend, Eric, attended the Huntington Beach Air Show last weekend. The Pacific Air Show showcased a variety of military planes, including planes flown by the Air Force Thunderbirds.

While they were there, Robert took pictures with his Sony Alpha 6 camera.

Wow! Is Robert a good photographer! I didn't attend the show but it seemed pretty spectacular. In some of the pictures you can see the pilots inside the jet cock pit, and in one picture, the bomb doors are open and you can see where the missiles would be housed. Plus, in one picture you can see two planes, one upside down over the other one. (Just like in Top Gun!)

The Thunderbird pilots look like very talented guys. Just like my husband!

If you want to see the planes in action -- here's a link to a Youtube video that someone uploaded about the show that Robert attended. It'a amazing!


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