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Hollyhocks and Sunflowers!

Spring is busting out all over! My random planting is going to catch up with me. Meaning, that I plant whoever I feel like it in the garden without much of a plan! I try to leave space for plants when they are little, knowing that they will grow bigger -- but sometimes I just don't calculate properly. Hollyhocks are a case in point.

Last year the Hollyhocks were much more tame. There were fewer branches, fewer flowers, just less all around. This year, yikes! But honestly I don't mind. They don't last that long and I will soon have to cut them down, and then I will miss their exuberant presence in the back yard.

Also, you should know that no plants or people were harmed in the making of the video. Even though I was tiptoeing in the garden, and jumping on the benches, everyone managed just fine. It's hard to get the videos right though - so that's why sometimes they're not perfect. I'm just not willing to do multiple takes like in the movies.

I do apologize for the background noise of the planes going over -- but once I had set up the video and clambered through the garden, I decided to just tough it out, and use the video anyway. Robert always tells me to just stop talking until the plane goes over - and I need to do that. Next time!

Here's the best news of the day. 1) I've started watching Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote) all over again from Season 1. AND you won't believe this. It is BETTER the second time around! Loving it! 2) I purchased a DVD with 4 Jessica Fletcher movies that were produced after Murder She Wrote was cancelled (Angela Lansbury was MAD!) Can't wait to watch those! I'll let you know what I think!


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