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Harvesting Sunflower Seeds!

Today was just a crazy day. I've made three videos. And none of them appear in today's submission. Maybe I'll use them for another day. But why I did not use them is instructive. Here it is.

1) Video one was a 360 degree view of the gorgeous dahlia in my front yard. But I wanted to supplement that video with a dahlia in someone else's yard -- so there would be some variety for you to see. But I never saw another dahlia. And here's the reason for that. Robert and I drove to Berkeley today. We drove through the Central Valley, (lots of crops but no dahlias) and arrived in Berkeley around 5:00. I hoped to see a dahlia in Berkeley before the sun went down. But the more we drove through the streets of Berkeley, I realized that was just not going to happen. If you've ever been to Berkeley - you know what I mean. Gardening is...well, is it really gardening if there's no real gardening involved? Lots of natural elements, very little grass, lots of tree leaves, and...succulents. And absolutely no annuals, or seasonal flowering, unless its dryscaping!

2) Video two was a narrative of a vista of the Central Valley and the California Aqueduct. It's an interesting story, and maybe I'll try another time when my video editing capabilities are more sophisticated. You couldn't hear a thing in the video I took today because the interstate was behind me, and the eighteen wheelers were lumbering on, drowning me out! Lesson learned.

3) Video three was a beautiful commemorative of my husband voting for the President of the United States today, mailing his ballot at the US Post Office. He wouldn't let me show you the video because he said I didn't get his good side. Lesson learned. After 50+ years, you would think I would know which side was his good side.

Spending time with my new granddaughter this week. So fun.


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