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Happy 3rd Substack Anniversary Mr. Hubbell !

Daily readers may not truly understand what it means to write a newsletter 6 nights a week for 7 years -- but trust me, as someone on the front lines, I know exactly what it takes. And it's not easy. Especially since Robert does this every night by himself - no staff, except me to feed him dinner, and Substack on his computer to help him publish!

Many of you may know the genesis of "Today's Edition" - but in a nutshell, the newsletter began as a daily email to me and our three daughters after the results of the 2016 election, when we were unable to watch the news, and felt deep despair about what was to come. Robert committed to writing a daily email to us, to keep us informed, and to lift our spirits to get us through this difficult time.

So, in 7 years, the newsletter has grown from a nightly email to Robert's family, to more than 55,000 subscribers in his Substack database and a high "pass-along" rate that frequently results in more than 100,000 views on Substack each day.

Robert and I are both very grateful for our readers.

However, speaking from a reader perspective, let me say how grateful I and my daughters are for Robert. He has made the previous 7 years bearable in the most difficult times. His advocacy, his wisdom, optimism, and good humor have made us all feel like good things will come.

Lucky me. Living with Robert means good things everyday. So blessed!


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