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Halloween Trick or Treating during Covid!

Halloween was such fun, even during these trying times. We had quite a few trick or treaters, and parents and children alike, expressed thanks for the festivities that we prepared. It was a lot of work, which we realized mid-day when the temps rose above 85 degrees as we were toiling away in the sun on our driveway. But just as I had expected it was completely worth it.

Dinner with my daughter and her new husband, seeing the joy of the little ones, the gratitude of the kidlets' parents, the impromptu dance parties on the driveway, and even practicing my karoke skills to Monster Mash on the microphone -- it was a delight. And it felt so good to do something for our neighborhood, just because. We expected nothing from the evening except to provide a little light in these anxious times. I think we were successful.

The most important take away from our Halloween is that I am so glad to be married to Robert. Unexpected I know. But our Halloween bash could not have happened if we were not such a good team. We were both invested in creating a happy experience for the children in our neighborhood, and we both were willing to work hard to make it happen. And it didn't matter to either of us if we had 5 or 500 trick or treaters. We both feel like making memories for a few is just as important as making memories for many.

All in all, a very successful Halloween, for us, and for our community. In fact, it was so successful that this may be the way we do Halloween for future trick-or-treaters. Ahhh. The silver lining!


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