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Guess Where We Are?

New Jersey! The Garden State!

We're here for the wedding of Jackie's best friend, and also a 4th daughter of the Bickett Hubbell's! The wedding is in the Catskills - (we've never been) -- and we are overnighting here in Hanover near Jackie's in laws. It's so green here!

But...Traveling? Ugh. Getting through Airport Security? Ugh .Six hours on a plane with a N-95 mask on? Super Ugh. Through crowded airports? Ugh. Renting a car? Ugh. Driving on unknown interstates? Ugh.

I'm horrible to travel with because I complain so much. I complained more than Abby who also travelled with us and is only 20 months old! She was an angel. And I was not.

Poor Robert. No wonder we don't travel very much! Plus I made him stop at Walgreen's before we checked in to our hotel, because I have so many things wrong with me, that I needed to buy 5 over the counter drugs to prop me up!

Nonetheless, we plan on enjoying our weekend celebrating our dear Sarah. I'll report next week!


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