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Gratitude on a Momentous Day

This is a Garden Blog, mostly. A little history.

I began this garden adventure as a way to provide calm, and to quell the anxiety that we were all feeling during the last 4 tumultuous years. Somehow, being in the garden, talking about the flowers, and contemplating little green growing things has been balm to the disquietude that has overwhelmed us.

Gardening, whether actively or passively, can be healing.

But today, as the Managing Editor of my husband's extraordinary newsletter, (he does 99.9% of production, so I can't take much credit) I couldn't ignore the importance of this day. And while Robert informs and enlightens, and also calms, I work alongside him everyday, whether I am in the garden or not.

So today, instead of anxious, I've just decided to be grateful. Grateful to be part of this community of like-minded souls. Grateful for the Garden. And very grateful to be Managing Editor for an extraordinary writer.

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