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Gifting After 41 Years!

I love giving gifts to Robert. I never get tired of surprising him with Christmas, Valentine's, Birthday and Anniversary gifts. I know that some couples don't do gifts - but it's something that I really enjoy. I love to spoil him. And so really, giving him a gift is as much fun for me as it is for him.

But in addition to giving a gift, I always want it to be a surprise. That's the best part. So that's why this year's Christmas present was such a disappointment. It's not that he didn't like the gift, it's just that he knew about it way before Christmas, and then he really didn't have a proper gift to open on Christmas Day.

You can imagine my chagrin when I saw the TWO neon green pressure washer boxes on our porch. It all went sideways. I can sort of laugh about it now. Sort of. But I'm still kind of mad.

Ah well. I can't hit it out of the park every Christmas! But the Garden that's hitting it out of the park for sure! Can't wait to show you it when it is assembled!

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