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Gettin' in the Garden!

I woke up feeling not great - with a headache that I was worried would turn into a migraine. I lounged around most of the morning, did some yoga stretches, and put a cool cloth on my head. When that didn't work, I decided to get into the garden. (I did take a Covid test - and I was negative.)

My garden needed attention badly. Mostly because I need to get it in shape for the winter so that it can thrive in spring. ( I probably should have done this even sooner!) The roses, the hedges, the lavender, the Indian hawthorne, almost everything needs a trim. So I decided that I would geographically approach the task and do just one section each day. This is the advantage of a small garden!

Today was the day for the right had corner near the barbecue island. While I think I did a good job of trimming -- I did not do a good job of cleaning up after myself. I wish there was. clean up fairy.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will feel better, clean up, and maybe even start on the next section of trimming!

When things look grim, as we remember the devastation of last January 6th, or when you feel out of sorts, it's always a good idea to retreat to the garden. Nature can be healing. For many things.


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