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Friday Funnies!

Here's another funny -- I can tell in the video that I left my make up in Texas! I don't wear much make up, but I do use a little powder on my nose each day to conceal the scar on my nose from the skin cancer that I had removed.

I wasn't able to do that this morning -- so my scar is pretty visible. But I figure it's a reminder to me about how lucky I was that it wasn't worse!

I did have a long session (put it in the cart!) with Laura Geller online this morning - so the make up problem should be remedied soon!

Ok. Now I'm going to watch the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta Georgia. That course is so beautiful, it's very relaxing to stroll with the golfers. Although I am sure that they don't think it's so relaxing.

And then I am going to take a nap. So...very busy relaxing today.


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