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Four "I Can't Believe it!" Moments from Last Week

As they say, "life is full of surprises." This week, thanks God, all of my surprises were good ones!

The best surprise was our trip to Angel Stadium on Saturday with my daughter Jackie and my son-in-law, Matt. Matt is a big Mets fan -- and the Angels were playing against the Mets -- so we had to go! Robert spoiled us with the most amazing seats...2 rows from the field just off of first base!

The Angels have been in a real rough patch, a 14 game losing streak! Unbelievable for a team that has 2 MVPs (Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani). But, I love my team anyways. And I ALWAYS love going to a baseball game!

It was fun to go with my son-in-law Matt, who is an avid Mets fan, and he and I have a fun rivalry. I made a small wager with Matt's dad that the Angels would win the series. (Of course, this was BEFORE the 14 game losing streak.) Winner gets a package of Double Stuff Golden Oreos!

We did win the game that we attended, but we didn't win the series - so I will be sending Matt's dad a package of Golden Oreos in the mail very soon!

Nonetheless, it was a glorious night - to be able to see both Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani hit home runs (Mike hit 2!) -- it felt like we were watching baseball history.

No better surprise than that!


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