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First Tea Party!

It was a busy Sunday! Robert had set up a woodworking tutorial for his son-in-laws, so I wanted to do something with the ladies. And. tea party was just the perfect idea for a Sunday afternoon.

Now I do realize that my grands are really too little to appreciate a tea party -- but I believe it's never too early to introduce them to the finer things. They watched me pour the tea, and they tasted the tea muffins. Plus, they sat at the table like big girls with their moms for at least 5 whole minutes! We soon retired to the living room to play on the rug with new toys from Grandma -- but I enjoyed every minute - even though there were only 5 of them. It will be a fun memory!

The boys were learning how to rout wood for signage. They were making signs for their daughters sweet. They all decided that this was just a practice, and that they would do it again for the real thing -- but they learned a lot, and are looking forward to their next tutorial by Mr. Hubbell.

A successful Sunday! Topped off by the premier of the the second season of "Succession." Brilliant!


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