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First Signs of Halloween!

Even though waiting each day to find out news about our cabin is nerve-wracking -- I knew I could count on my garden to set me straight.

It's been so hot here, the last "dog days" of summer have just passed, and gardening has been difficult. Plus finding the time to garden because of the grand babies is sometimes also a challenging task. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Spending time in the garden today did take a little preplanning, though. I had to dash out last night to get the potting soil, and I had to keep the plants that I had bought a week ago alive before I found time to put them in the ground!

Plus, I had to dig out the Halloween decorations! I bought the pumpkins last year the week after Halloween -- at the nursery for 50% off, which made them much more affordable. I don't always do that -- but boy is it a good idea. Getting out the day after a holiday to buy the left over decorations can really save you money - and then you have so many fun surprises when the holiday rolls around the next year.

So today I enjoyed my garden, AND the surprises that I planned for myself from last year! It was a win - win!


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