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Fall at Michael's and Home Goods!!!

When I was little, fall was a season, but it wasn't a season for which one would decorate. We enjoyed the rain, wind, and cooler temps (which we have a LOT less of than when I was young), but there were no fall leaf garlands hanging from porches, or autumn colored wreaths on neighbors' doors.

Today one would think that fall is an actual holiday that we celebrate! There were SO many fall decorations at Michael's...and I felt like I needed them all! Plus it got me into the crafting mood, and made me think that I could really make a new fall wreath for our door. We'll see if that happens. I do need to spruce up my Halloween wreath - so I might go back and get some of those spooky pics!

The one thing that I really noticed this season is that pumpkins no longer really look like pumpkins! They're all kinds of shapes, first of all. But more importantly, they're not orange!!! As you can see in the above picture, there's pumpkins with aqua tinted octopi, and turtles, and on the other side, pumpkins with glitter, and glass, and every kind of sparkly that you can imagine.

I'm a big FAN!!! Michael's and Home Goods for the win!


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