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Estate Sale Conflagration...OR Preparing for Fall Holidays!

Things are still upside down here, with Robert under the Covid restrictions, and not feeling 100%, and all of us still wearing masks. We will be able to talk about it once we are on the other side. But that hasn't quite happened yet.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep one's spirits up - so I took myself on a field trip today! I have attended many estate sales, though I am not a regular. Sometimes I just look, and don't buy. When I do look though, be assured that I am looking at china and crystal! Exactly the things that I don't need.

I'm pretty sure that when I'm gone, my daughters will have an estate sale and others will be buying the china that I so carefully curated throughout my life. That's ok with me. I'm enjoying the bounty, and I am sure that my daughters will keep a few of my treasures. Who doesn't need Thanksgiving dinner plates???

And who can believe that stores are now stocking fall and Halloween items?? Holiday season here we come! I definitely have the table settings at the ready for our celebrations!


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