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Erin Go Bragh in the Garden!

We're big into St. Patrick's Day -- more on that later...but for today -- we show our Irish pride by decorating for the day in the front yard! Robert made great outdoor lawn ornaments last year, and they just needed a little TLC before we put them up this year again.

So today was the day! I dashed to the nursery in the morning -- just to get a a little more color for the border, and when I came home I got completely distracted decorating!

Some of the new little plants will have to wait until tomorrow to get their feet in the ground. But remember when I told you that you can never have too many delphiniums...well, be prepared for delphinium delight this season because I just went a little crazy!

Plus, I'm going to pull out all of my winter veg -- because it's almost time to plant for the spring!

Lots to show you and lots to look forward to!


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