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Easter Preview!

I'll just let these beautiful little eggs delight you...and tell you that I have been bingeing on the most diverting and enjoyable series...

If you can, check out the TV series, Seaside Hotel. (Prime Video) It's set in Denmark at a remote summer holiday hotel on the shore of the North Sea. The characters are delightful, funny, poignant. And it also treats some serious subjects with great care. It's also a little like a cooking show because they often show the preparation and serving of beautiful farm to table Danish meals! I love it and find it most calming. We all need that! It does have subtitles, which at first I found annoying - but have come to enjoy because It disallows me from multitasking...I really have to actively "watch" TV or I miss the plot! AND BONUS...I'm learning Danish!

Let me know if you like it!


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