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Easter, a Megadrought, and Grandbaby Cora turns One !

Of course, the headline today is that it is Cora's true birth day! We had a mini-family celebration, with Cora's first cupcake...which she was a little suspicious about at first, but then whole heartedly embraced. She squealed the rest of the evening! It feels like the year flew by, and yet I know her parents might feel differently!

There will be a big birthday party for Cora on Saturday in her backyard and I will be sure to capture all the festivities. It is going to be a Sesame Street birthday -- so lots of primary colors, babbling, and shade will be the order of the day! Congrats too, to the devoted parents for their first year of parenthood...something to be proud of!

The drought was top of my mind throughout the day, though, because it was blistering hot, and things were wilting right and left. I had so many grand plans for the front summer border, and the back vegetable garden, but now, I am not so sure.

What to do? I know that lots of people do zero scaping or dry scaping -- which is fine. But I love my blooms, and the color and joy that they bring. I am going to find easy care perennials or annuals that don't take too much water, and see how far I get. Plus we made great progress with our artificial that's something.

We're going to have an Easter egg hunt on our front lawn for all the neighbors, so Robert's decorations are just perfect for the event. We did this last year and it was so fun to see all the littles on our lawn. And this year we will have two of our very own grandbabies for the Easter Bunny to spoil.

There's always blessings to find.

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