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Daffodil Drifts!

Two things about this video.

1) Oh Lord. My Hair!!! I actually styled my hair this morning. I looked in the mirror. I thought that it looked presentable. But something went wrong. Either my styling aptitude has deteriorated OR the mirror did not accurately represent what I looked like, OR my opinion of myself is unnecessarily inflated. I think it's the latter. Which is fine, until you are presented with the reality in the form of a daily video. It's hard being me.

2) Daffodils. They're gorgeous. A beautiful, bright, happy color. I love them. BUT they were a LOT of work to get in the ground. AND their bloom lasts maybe a little over a week. And they're one and done. Despite my long standing love affair with daffodils, I'm wondering if they are enough bang for your buck.

Maybe my hair fiasco has colored my opinion of may daffodils.

Yesterday I was in a very cranky mood all day, and then after I decorated for St. Patrick's Day I felt a little better. But today all the decorating was done. So, I was just cranky all day after that video. Tomorrow is Friday...and I am planning to spend the day preparing for a party for my daughter. Let's hope that works. If not, you can feel sorry for my husband.

Have a non-cranky weekend!!!


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