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Cucumber Harvest!

You may already know about my cucumber journey this year. It’s had its ups and downs, (see the video!) but in the end, a lovely harvest! I persevered! So many cucumbers, I will have to figure out how to use them. I think maybe cucumber soup – and pickles? I remember so fondly the many jars of pickles in my grandmother’s basement that she had “put up” for the winter. I loved them. And I loved collecting the dill behind my grandfather’s shed for grandma’s pickles. Wonderful memories!

One thing I did not mention on the video, is that I should have worn gardening gloves when I was harvesting the cucumbers, because even though they don’t look like it – they have sticky little hairs on the peel. And it’s uncomfortable! Some of the cucumbers today were smooth, but others had stickies, and all of the vines have stickies – so make sure to protect your hands!

You know, cucumbers are really good for you! Here’s why you should grow them and eat them – even if they’re store bought!

First, they are great for hydration. During this crazy heat, I’ve been glad to be eating a cucumber a day because it’s hard to get enough water! Cucumbers are 95% water, so getting water from a cuke is a good strategy.

Second, they are so low in calories! Robert and I have been trying to drop a few pounds, and cukes are great because they are satisfying but only 16 calories a cup!

Third, cukes are really nutritious! They have lots of Vitamin K, plus B and C and potassium and magnesium – which means that they can be good for your digestion too!

Last, cukes have antioxidants – which protect cells and can lessen inflammation. And if you don’t believe me…check out Web MD – which I NEVER visit because it’s catastrophic for a hypochondriac like me! I think I have every disease I read about!

Tomorrow I’ll let you know how the cucumber soup turned out!


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