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Cora's Christmas Stocking!

Yitkes! I feel like I'm behind the eight ball on this already! (What does that even mean?) I hope I've left myself enough time. It's so busy with the grandkidlets that by the end of the day I'm done in - and stitching a stocking just doesn't seem possible.

But I'm determined to do this for my Cora! Both her mom and dad will have special embroidered stockings for their home this year - so I've got to make sure that Cora has one too!

On another note, I couldn't stand it one more minute - so tomorrow is hair cut day. However, I am certain that I won't like the haircut that I get. Why do I know that's true? Because I've never really loved any of the hundreds of haircuts that I've had. And it's not because the haircut is bad - it's because I have a vision of how I should look - and I never look exactly like that.

And the reason that I never look exactly like I think I should -- is because my vision of myself is about 30 years younger, and something more along the lines of Jennifer Aniston, instead of Jill Bickett.

But you know what? It doesn't matter because Robert makes me feel beautiful every day, haircut or no. And that makes all the difference.


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