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Christmas Tree Trimming 2020!

I admit that when we first thought that we would not be able to have a tree trimming party, we were disappointed because it is so much fun, but secretly, I was thinking...oh dear, how is this going to happen?

Some suggested a smaller tree, or not putting on all the ornaments. Others suggested that we forgo the tree altogether. After all, we won't be having anybody over except (maybe) immediate family. So why go to all the trouble?

I am often confronted with this dilemma. Many in my orbit are very practical people. And practical people want to do what's "necessary," and think that all the decoration is rather "unnecessary." It's not that they don't appreciate the "extras;" it's just that they don't think the benefits of them outweigh the disadvantages. I once had a friend tell me that she preferred her house without decoration, because it was all too much to dust. Fair point.

I'm just not in that camp. I think that the details make all the difference. They add spirit and sparkle to life for me - and I am willing to pay the price for that. I am glad that my stubborn self (that's what my husband calls me) held out for our traditional, fully trimmed tree. However, this doesn't mean that it isn't lots of work.

Often the first question that visitors ask when they first see our tree is...who takes all those ornaments off the tree? Well, that would be me. And unlike our traditional tree trimming parties where 10 - 20 people each year help to decorate, (except this year!) I always undecorate the tree by myself. And if you watched the video about how my ornaments are organized you know why.

I make decisions each year about what goes into the unbreakable bin, how to fit the birds into their bin, and how many bulbs or ornaments go into each tier of the ornament boxes. And because I do this every year, when we begin to trim the tree the year after, everything is neatly organized, and ready to launch!

And one other thing about this unusual tree-trimming year. As I stood back, and looked at the trimmed tree, I was thinking of you. Though neighbors and friends may not be able to stop by and see our beautiful tree, I felt such joy knowing that I was able to share this labor of love with you.

Thanks for that.

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